Dribble Goggles – White


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The Heads Up Dribble Goggles have an unique design that helps condition players to dribble and handle the ball without looking down. Use of these dribble specs forces players to handle the ball with their heads up to survey the court.

  • Teaches better ball control.
  • Helps create focus on the play.
  • Increases court awareness and┬áconfidence.
  • Increases players confidence.
  • Improves reaction time against defenders.
  • Will not interfere when shooting.
  • Soft plastic and adjustable strap allow for a comfortable fit.
  • One size fits all. Sizing allows for teen and adult fitting.

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220 × 156 × 2 cm





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  1. giorgio says:

    Definitely helps. I discovered that dribbling can be done well while looking directly ahead. It would seem to logically follow that one should close their eyes while dribbling, but that doesn’t work well for me. These goggles provide all the limitation I can manage and at the same time help to prepare the user for real life basketball competition.