Want to become a better dribbler?

Have a problem handling the ball heads up? Training with the Heads Up Dribble Goggles helps you to eliminate this problem. In fact, it doesn't only teach you to become a better dribbler, it also teaches you to focus on the play, survey the court and helps you to build confidence.

The Heads Up Dribble Goggles are the solution to develop better dribbling skills.

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Heads Up Dribble Goggles

The Heads-Up Dribble Goggles has a one size fits all adjustable strap that allows for a comfortable fit and blocks all downward vision. You must learn to handle the ball by touch and feel. It will help you with dribbling your fundamentals and improves court awareness. The goggles will not interfere sight when shooting the basketball.

  • Best aid to become a better dribbler and improve confidence
  • Develop proper dribbling techniques and better ball control
  • Increases court awareness and focus on the play

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